Arts Barge

We’ve rescued Selby Tony!

Selby Tony is a local heritage ex-cargo barge that we’re transforming into a fully accessible, community-focused arts space for York.

The Arts Barge will be moored permanently in York City centre and become a unique 100 seat venue, a fantastic community asset and a home for our arts activities in music, theatre, dance, film, visual arts and crafts.

The Arts Barge focus is on bringing people of all ages together to make and enjoy the arts in a social setting. Our events deliver impact, exploration of something different, creating and enjoying arts with others, exemplary artists and a great experience with family and friends!

Our aim is to finish the conversion before the summer to a minimum useable state, we need to raise a further £25,000 to achieve this. We will then be able to bring her into York for use temporarily as a festival venue, and raise further funds for the next stage of the conversion.

 Arts Barge Riverside Festival

16th July - 8th August