Marce's Barge Blog #4


Trevor 'The Fossil' Morris is next in our Extraordinary Barge People series. And before you think I'm being rude about his age, read on.
It's true indeed that at 197 years old this Welsh rarebit is probably our oldest supporter, but there's nothing cheesy about our Trev. In fact he has a distinctly dark side...
Number One Fan of David Attenborough, Trev is a master of the fine art of phosphorescent photography of fossils, having discovered their shiny qualities as a caver years ago. If you see him on the barge, ask him to show you one of the stunning photos he carries with him. Luckily for us Trev is also a barge-fan. Given how long it's taken us to get the barge here (and the current low-level lighting) we're fully expecting to be the next in his Fossils in the Dark series

Hannah West