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The Barge

The Arts Barge Project rescued Selby Tony in 2013. She was one of a small fleet belonging to BOCM factory in Selby and used to work on the River Ouse transporting animal feed, newsprint and other goods between Selby, York, Goole and Hull.

Since 2013 she has undergone remedial steel works in Waddington’s Boat Yard in Swinton and passed a full survey. She has undergone steel conversion works by Hirst Boatbuilders in Knottingley, to Architects specifications by DSP Architects.

Funds for the project are raised through arts events, regular donations, crowd funding, grants and private investment. The project started in 2009 and we continue to raise funds to finish the job!

Latest Update

The barge is currently at Hirst Boatbuilders in Knottingley where she is in the process of being made ready for use in the summer. The metal work is nearly complete. The roof and railings are on and the 1 meter walls marking out the deck house are built. The outside of the barge and internal hold has had an initial undercoat, and next - the floor and staircases are going in. The barge will make her way to Goole in late June for a Heal Test and to be painted back to her original colours by some of our fantastic volunteers. Our aim is to finish the conversion to a minimum useable state for the summer season. We need to raise a further funds to achieve this. We will then be able to bring her into York for use as a temporary festival venue, raising further funds for the next stage of the conversion work.


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