When will the Barge be in York?

The barge, Selby Tony, comes to York in July and opens as a temporary festival venue on the 16th of July until the 8th of August. It will be moored by Tower Gardens next to Skeldergate Bridge. Many free and ticketed events will take place on the barge throughout this time.

Is the Arts Barge conversion finished?

The barge will be in a partially converted state. It will be very basic with no frills! It will be watertight, with a temporary version of the deck house in place. It will have a roof, a floor and stairs - but no windows to the lower deck, no toilets and no access lift.

Why are you using the barge in an unfinished condition?

We are taking this opportunity to show everyone the progress of the conversion work, and how much more there is to do. We are hoping to inspire people to get involved to help us finish the job. The summer season should raise funds towards the next phase of the work.

When will the festival in Tower Gardens be?

The Marquee part of the Riverside Festival will take place from the 24th until the 28th of July

Can we book one of your bands for our wedding?

Absolutely! we have a number of Arts Barge Bands which can be tailored to all your wants and needs! Find all the information on our bands for weddings and other events here: http://abcollective.co.uk/

How do i buy tickets for the shows?

Tickets for shows on the barge can be purchased via The Great Yorkshire Fringe website, there will be direct links to these on our events page. During the Festival they can also be bought from the Great Yorkshire Fringe Bus Box office in Parliament Street and also from the Arts Barge.

Are the events in the Tower Gardens free as usual?

Yes! The festivities in the garden will be free for all as usual.

What is the access like for wheelchair users?

Access to the marquees will be as expected, slightly uneven ground but fully accessible.
Barge access for wheelchair users is limited to the upper deck and deckhouse, though once we raise the funds and complete the works on the barge it will be a fully accessible space.
Visit our Accessibility info page below for more information.

Are Dogs Allowed?

Dogs are welcome to all areas of the festival, including the barge.