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Float Tank #4

Float Tank.jpeg

A Float Tank is a lightless, soundproof tank filled with water at skin temperature, in which individuals float in isolation, used to test the effects of sensory deprivation."

This is the fourth in a series of experimental gigs called Float Tank. The artists will perform with the audience plunged into complete darkness.

Float Tank #4 is a slight deviation from the series, concentrating more on just the sense of sound, with a much more experimental approach to the music. Audiences will be welcome to make themselves comfortable before the lights go down, though some of the music itself may not be too comfortable. (1hr show)

Tickets available from the Great Yorkshire Fringe Website.

If you are unable to afford tickets, please contact to apply for a discretionary 50% discount.

Disabled Access  
Due to the ‘work in progress’ state of the Arts Barge at this year’s festival, we regret that wheelchair access down to the performance space is not possible.   

Through Riverside 2019 we aim to raise interest and funds to return in 2020 with full disabled access lift and toilet facilities. 

In the meantime, the gang-planks onto the barge are wide and wheelchair users are very welcome to enjoy the deck area. Our Riverside marquee (24th - 28th July) is free and accessible to all. Accessible toilet facilities in St. George’s Field car park, will be available during all Arts Barge Riverside Festival opening hours.