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Doctor Ferret’s Wild West Medicine Road Show

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Doctor Ferret’s Wild West Medicine Road Show

Written by Martin Riley, Music by Richard Ormrod.

Featuring Martin & Richard as the world-famous rollicking raconteur Dr Delius Ferret and his multi-talented musical sidekick, Rocky Wild Man Racoon.

Times are hard but Salvation is at hand! Ferret and the Wild Man, have come all the way from the US of A to The Riverside Festival with a wagon-full of Dr Ferret’s Miracle Elixir. It’ll cure baldness, a snotty nose, a boil on your nether regions. It can even turn bad kids good!

But don’t just take the good doctor’s word for it. Come and be part of his extraordinary musical and immersive Story Adventures which reveal the secret ingredient to be – loving kindness!

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Skull and Bones

A moral and melodramatic tale of the Wild West!

When the Grim Reaper carries off their gang leader, three Wild Young Outlaws, ride out looking for revenge.  But greed for gold, gambling, gluttony, and a devilish little gremlin soon lead them astray.


Martin’s testimonials for his musical theatre: “A six-year-old adored it, so did a sprightly septuagenarian.” The Independent "Magic to rival Merlin" The Guardian “Bags of Character, atmosphere humour and originality.” The Telegraph "I have rarely seen such energetic theatre grabbing audiences by the throat. Brilliant!” Cheltenham Festival


All events at the Riverside Marquee are FREE!

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